19: Exiting a Lease and Growing a Skill vs. Hiring Someone – Grease Coefficient

Well, its been a while. We’re back for “season 2” so to speak of Overanalyzed. Its been a while since we recorded so we catch you up on some of the happenings in our life. Jun’s family has a new car and Alec is prepping for the wedding and trying to decide if he should spend time developing a skill or paying someone to take care of it for him. In the aftershow we discuss Jun’s new Apple Pencil and his usecases. 

015: Jun’s Retrospective & Management – Two More Husbands

Some of you guessed it – Jun has a new job. We conduct a retrospective of episode 1 and in the aftershow we discuss the Spotify vs Apple situation.

Systems Engineering V Chart
Mythical Man Month
Spotify’s Time to Play Fair
Apple’s Response to Spotify

014: Traveling – Benevolent Travel Dictator

After some follow up about driving and Jun’s latest photography gig, we jump into the topic of vacations: how we plan them and what we like to focus on.

The Points Guy
Google Flights
Joe List Sleeping On Airplane Joke
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Salt Bae Meme

013: Driving – Vroom Vroom Fast Fast!

Everyone has an opinion about driving. Jun and Alec banter about pet peeves, mantras, and other topics surrounding cars and driving.

Accidental Tech Podcast about Tesla Lease Kerfuffle
MKBHD Tesla Repair
Zipper Method Explained
CGP Grey Traffic Video
Side View Mirror Positions
Marco and Underscore Go to Driving School

011: Tidying Up – The Joy Sparkler is Over 9000

After answering a listener question, we discuss the latest crazy, Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up methodology. Afterwards we dive into Jun’s HomeKit papercuts as well as his new photography gear.

Mentioned Links:
Pragmatic Apple Watch
Tidying Up on Netflix
Marie Kondo’s Book Tidying Up
Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3
Peak Design Camera Strap

010: Finding a Home – 160 Pounds of Charcoal

With Alec needing to move soon for Rachel’s new job, we discuss our process when looking for a new place to live. During the after show, we talk about why Jun might be moving soon, too.

Alec’s Siri Shortcut House Checklist
Lutron Casetta
Jun’s Housing Requirements

  • Daycare
  • Proximity to work
  • Yard? Too large is too much maintenance
  • # of rooms
  • Balcony for grilling
  • Neighborhood
  • Walkability
  • Internet provider
  • Price
  • Form of investment?
  • HVAC system