009: Computer Science Education – Breaking The Sound Barrier

To kick off the new year, Jun and Alec discuss Maryland’s recently passed bill focused on bringing Computer Science education to all schools in all zip codes. After that, we discuss our holiday and goals for the podcast and our selves in 2019.

2019 Cortex Yearly Themes
Maryland’s Computer Science Bill
Summary of the Bill

After Show:
Jun’s New Wallet
Alec’s Nespresso
Alec’s 2019 Resolutions

008: 2018 Holidays – AirPod Hipster

Today we followed up on our to do journey with Due. Then we discussed how to fit exercise into our busy lives and if family holiday gatherings are a time and place for ideological / political conversations with family.

In the after show we offer a holiday gift guide for the overanalyzer in your life.

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007: Time Management – Pestering Agent

After a recent swift experience at Sam’s Club using the Scan and Go app, Jun wanted to talk about other time saving and time management techniques we deploy to help us in our day to day lives.

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The Next Year Now Podcast

Jun’s view of Alec during some of the show

Jun showing off his “Cool Breeze Blue” iPhone XR.